Waking up in Zermatt

What an amazing feeling to be waking up with you in my sight…oh Matterhorn!

It  took some time for me to digest that I was really there and not dreaming on a weekend! I mean its not everyday you get to wake up with this view right? Well unless you actually live in Zermatt..oh what lucky ones!




And not to mention to be actually staying in a room  from one of the best hotel  in Zermatt and in one of their best room which is worth 1000 Brunei Dollars per night! I kid you not on the price!  Breakfast and free use of the spa was also included and we got lucky and had to only pay for  less than 1/5 of the price! (read on to know the reason why)

 breakfast area

This superb hotel is the Europe hotel and Spa in Zermatt,Switzerland. If you feel like splurging on yourself in one of the most expensive countries in the world, this is the hotel you won’t regret staying in .The design is unique and modern and  it feels super comfy that even the breakfast area had a wonderful view!  Hospitality and service is great too! They even have a buggy to help you with luggage to the train station! ( no cars are allowed in this area,thus only cute buggy run around the town)

So how on earth did we pay less than 1/5 of the original price of this room and got to enjoy the wonderful hotel for a couple of nights?

Easy… our original room in their sister chalet had guests who have not checked out and were unreachable throughout the day!


Initially I almost got very upset after they asked us to go around  since the room was not ready when we arrived (and they couldn’t find the guest). I was sleepy from a super early train ride from Karlsruhe, Germany..but eventually after sometime I felt awake after realizing that I am in such a beautiful place. We roamed around and look at the  wonderful sceneries of the rivers and traditional chalets with the majestic Matterhorn in the background.We then stopped by a small cafe to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate  with again the Matterhorn in view! Yes the Matterhorn is in view almost everywhere in Zermatt ,so you can’t miss a good shot with the Matterhorn doing a ‘photobomb’ behind!


Some random pretty looking tree in Zermatt
Spot the girl who didn’t get enough sleep!

So after exploring for a bit we return to the chalet. Unfortunately upon reaching the chalet , we were told that the guest still has not returned to check out and we can’t enter the room. I was blinking my eyes for a bit when I heard that and I think at that point of the day my jet lag kicked in too so it did not  put in my better mood. After sometime another staff came to the chalet and relay an apology first to us for the situation and mentioned that their chalet was actually fully booked. I went blank when I heard that and was thinking OMG then where on earth are we going to stay?.Then eventually she gave the better news and said instead they will put us in their sister hotel and upgrade us to better rooms. I did not recognize who their sister hotel was at first until we reached and was in awed! My jaws dropped and  was like  wait a minute,this is the hotel that I have been checking on several times because I really like the rooms and it’s something I picture living in when in Zermatt! (but I really  could not justify to myself enough  to pay for the price!) So when I saw the hotel and they said they will be checking us in their best room it seriously was like a dream come true!

traditional chalets in Zermatt

From being in a not my best mood, I suddenly was like an excited  kid in a candy store. She brought us to the room and showed us the view, the bathroom ,the bed and the amenities inside and then said ‘ If you would still like to stay in the chalet tomorrow night, we can help to arrange that once it is available’ … I was like errr no thank you. I’m fine with staying here! and then she laughed and said she would have done the same too! .

No way am I giving up a 1k room for a chalet apartment! lol. This might even be my only chance in a lifetime to stay in a room like this!

So everything turned out good eventually and there I was with that wonderful view on that beautiful Saturday morning that I can never forget! Beautiful room with a magnificent view,definitely this was one of my best Saturday mornings!

Not to mention I had to opportunity to capture the best Friday midnight sky too!

Did you know that the mountain on the Toblerone chocolate is the Matterhorn mountain?

The night sky view captured from the hotel room balcony at midnight





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