My first travel adventure in my own backyard..Brunei

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday; be it just staying at home  to relax or is on a plane right now to explore a new place!

Today I just choose to stay at home and let my thoughts wander . I walked around the house and  looked outside for sometime… then a thought came to mind while looking at the green spot of what was left of our garden due to house renovations ;where and when was it that I had my first  travel experience?


Bunga kertas (literally translated as paper flower) or Bougainvillea is a typical garden flower in Brunei. I used to pluck these colourful flowers and put them in my hair and pretend to be on an island vacation or even use  them as ingredients to play cooking!

When I was a kid I used to play a lot in the garden with my siblings. I remember being surrounded by tall sunflowers and bushes and felt like I was in an expedition in the Amazon rainforest . When it rains,  and puddles were created, those were my first lake

Garden bushes that made us felt like we were in the Amazonian forest

experience. I used to pretend there were fishes in it and crocodiles and then chased after the frogs like in a hunt game. After a day of heavy pouring rain, ‘rivers’ will start to develop and we’d sail our paper boat  and pretend to be on cruise adventure on long meandering rivers. We chase the ‘wild’ cats (stray cats actually)  and be on stake outs as if we were in the African Safari and climbed on small little hills imagining we were on top of a high mountains! and not forgetting digging up holes in the garden pretending we were on an archaeological expedition! (oh my aunts were definitely not happy with all the unnecessary holes we made in the garden!)

Even this seems like a giant beanstalk when you are lil in a garden!

As we grew older and learn to cycle, we cycled around the house and pretended to be on BMX race tracks and get cuts or bruises all over especially on the knees when   ‘accidents’ happen…but it was always fun adventure!

I also remember watching the clock and waiting anxiously for it to turn to 4pm cause only then we were allowed to go out and  play (since the day will be less hot by then) and today that the same anxiety still lives within me when  i look at the time for my plane to depart!

To come to think of it ..that was my first travel adventure! It was in my own backyard!

I bet a lot of you too have that same experience as I did, and it’s a wonderful treasure that should always be kept! It lives within you to always be curious while having great imagination of what the world would be like!

Unfortunately  the newer generation might miss this.. with all the focus on the hand techs! I  do reckon to push them out in the garden once in awhile so they can experience this free ‘travel’ adventure! Trust me it is really worth it and it really helps shape the imagination and creativity as kids get older!

I think this initial free ‘travels’ was what inspired me the most to still be a wanderlust and learn more about the world even until today!

Sharing some teaser pictures of the wonderful sunsets by the beaches in Brunei!This is an experience you should not miss  when you drop by ! 

Will dedicate a post to cover this topic too one day ! So stay tuned! 


Seria Beach at sunset
Jerudong beach at sunset

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