Spring in Kyoto

Been wanting to come back to Japan since years ago after I lost my luggage during the transit bag so hopefully this time round I keep all my bags intact with me especially with my goodies from Japan. šŸ™‚

Would love to elaborate more on the places I have gone to but however I will be going off again to the old area of Gion, chasing the running Geishas. To summarize things for now I have been :

  • Walking 10 hours straight one of of the days,
  • cycled on a electric bicycle for about 20km around the base of the hills near the Philosopher’s river and fell down near the curb! Lol I was super clumsy on that heavy bicycle
  • went up at night to Fushimi with a friend here and it was sooo empty with amazing stars at night,
  • got confused in the Nishiki market on what to eat,
  • chasing Sakura flowers, have it fall naturally while I was taking a video without having me shaking the tree like the other guests,
  • Saw a running Geisha when I finally found the old Gion street. But will go there again tonight with company and hopefully catch more of the place without rushing through.
  • Sat by the stream close to town under the sunny spring weather and thank God for a wonderful weather
  • Got chased by a deer in Nara since I thought eating in the park would be a great idea while watching the deers, little did I know it is smart enough to know there is food in my plastic bag ( I thought they only eat their healthy cookies!) and befriended one after he has his share of cookies.

I honestly have been on a emotional rollercoaster at times because hold and behold I am a girl just like any other girls where we have the ‘ prime highlight mood of the month’! But still it is probably how I am going to remember people and times better that way or else I will forget :). There is a blessing in disguise to everything.

However that will be another day story. For now enjoy some of the photos! šŸ˜€


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